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Re: Neuer Listen-Index

Oliver Artelt wrote:
> Zeitlich und raeumlich eindeutige Schluessel werden haeufig benoetigt.

Anbei noch eine Mail, die gerade ber die englische Liste ging. ;-)

   w e b f a c t o r y | matthias pigulla  mp_(at)

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"" wrote:
> Hi there
> would U mind to tell me the use of AUTO_INCREAMENT?
> Does ANSI  SQL support it?
> Thanks a lot
> Have a nice day!


AUTO_INCREMENT is not at all standard SQL.
This only works for mysql.
It is used to generate automatically a unique ID integer per table.

In SQL you use sequences for this task.
But with sequences you can do additional things (= don't mix these two up :)

Hope this clarified it a bit.


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