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Re: Datei in eine Datenbank

Thilko Cullmann wrote:
>  Gibt es grosse Internetprojekte die mit LAMP - Systemen laufen?

Public Domain Software 

   The eGroups service is much in debt to many public-domain
   software packages, which we would like to gratefully

     Linux - We proudly support the use of Linux to provide our
     eGroups service.

     Apache - The eGroups Web site is served by a modified
     version of Apache.

     Python - Python handles almost everything for our service.

     MySQL - The fastest, no-hassle relational database from
     across the seas.

Mit freundlichem Gruss
Werner Stuerenburg

ISIS Verlag - Uhlandstr. 8 - D-32120 Hiddenhausen -  Germany
Tel. 0(049)5224-9974-07, Fax-09, <mailto:ws_(at)>
 <>    -   <>

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