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Re: Hilfe alle Daten gelöscht

Johannes Arlt schrieb am Freitag, den  1. Oktober 1999:
> ich habe ausversehen ein falsches SQL statement benutzt, jedenfalls war
> mysql der Meinung ich benötige ALLE Datensätze nicht mehr, was irre ist.
> Kann man das rückgängig machen wenn, ja wie, sonst ist hier alles weg.
> In der Datei tabellen_name.ISD sind die Eintäge alle noch da. Es muß
> doch eigentlichen einen Weg geben.

Du bist schon der dritte heute ... (internationale Liste inklusive).

Anbei, was Monty schrieb.

Viel Glück!

Martin Ramsch <m.ramsch_(at)> <URL: >
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>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Povolotsky <tarkhil_(at)> writes:

Alex> Hello!
Alex> I have accidently deleted nearly all of my base (using delete from
Alex> users where uid-460 instead of uid=460). As far as I have seen
Alex> database files, (nearly) all data are still in there; I do not have a
Alex> recent backup (yes shame on me. lotsa).

Alex> Is there any way to recover as much data as possible from the table?

Alex> I'm in GREAT time-pressure, and I thanks in advance for ANY usable
Alex> help. I do not want to end up making an utility to parse database file 
Alex> from scratch.


Do you have a MySQL log or a update log ?  You can check this by doing 
'mysqladmin variables' ?  If yes, you can probably reconstruct your data from
the logs!

Start by taking a copy of your table!

You may be able to reconstruct part of your table if this is in fixed
row format.  Try doing 'isamchk -dv' on the table.

If isamchk reports the table to be of 'fixed' size, you may be able to 
recover parts of it by writing a short C program that puts a '255' on
the first byte of each row! (isamchk reports the row size).  After
this you will get back some of your data by doing 'isamchk -rq -k0

Note however that in any case you will not get back the first 5 bytes
of each row (the delete link has destroyed this information).  You may 
however be able to do some program to recovers at least some of your

If the table type is 'dynamic' things are much worse...


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