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Need Targeted Web Traffic? -fbfufq

Title: Targeted Leads Every Day
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Premier Internet
We're an Internet Targeted Lead Generation Company
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Want Statistics On All Your Leads?
We show you who is coming to your site and what they're typing in to get there.
we provide at
- Who visits
-Keyword(s) used
-Search engine used
-Browser used
-Domain analysis
-Date range data
-Hits per day
-Hits per hour
-Hits per week
-Hits per month


Let us explain our lead program...

A lead is not a lead until an individual visits your site, reads 
what you have to offer, and decides whether they are interested or not.
We generate our leads from links found on the first 3 pages of the major search engines.

Search Engine Statistics
83% of the Internet will use one of the major search engines to find products or services over the web.
Startling Fact...
In Internet commerce, where traffic equals money, a site ranked in the first few pages of a search can attract millions of surfers. Being listed lower, among the proletariat of Web pages, so to speak, is often tantamount to not being listed at all"...
According to the
Los Angeles Times...
"Most search engine companies state that as long as the information they index is related to the actual web pages, they have no problem with search engine optimization"...
Search Phrase Importance
According to statistics, 80% of Internet searches will use a search phrase to target results better. That's why we target phrases.

If you have a web site, then you need visitors. Visitors who are looking specifically for what you have to offer.
Premier Internet Exposure will bring those highly targeted visitors directly to your web site.
It's Really This Easy!
  1. You give us a list of the keywords you feel most good leads would use in one of the major search engines to find your site.
  2. We will send you back a report showing you exactly what phrases (keyword strings) people are typing in the major search engines using those keywords.
  3. You highlight all the phrases

  4. (keyword strings) that you feel
    would provide you with the best
    leads and we will generate Internet leads by putting up links in the top 30 listings on the major engines using those phrases.
As a result you can expect targeted quality leads based on your criteria.

We charge by the click through with volume discounts.

We only make money...
If we bring you the lead!
We only make money if you get the lead.

Not just any lead, but a targeted lead based on your target criteria.

For a FREE online tour of how we can generate targeted leads for your online business, please fill out the form below.

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