[pear] QuickForm Checkbox Problem

[pear] QuickForm Checkbox Problem

Patrick Schuster pschuster at
Mit Jul 2 19:14:54 CEST 2003


there is strange problem and I don't know if it's a bug.

I've two Quickforms on the same page.

On the first form there are many fields and one checkbox with the name
'visible'. The second form is just for testing and there are one
textfield and one submit button.
The defaultsValues for the (first) form are generated from the database.

- When I access the page, edit the first form (with the checkbox)
everything is fine (i can switch the checkbox on/off and this value is
written correct to the database).

- But when I edit the second form and press "submit" (I get the same
page again) the first form is filled with the defaultValues fresh from
the database but only the checkbox value is wrong because it's not
checked (although the database value for the checkbox is unmodified
set to checked).

I've printed out the defaultValues before setting and they are exactly
the same for the first run and after submitting the second form.

I have no duplicate names in both forms.

Could you imagine what's wrong here?

Thanks in advance

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