[php] Kennzeichung private - public

[php] Kennzeichung private - public

Dennis Sterzenbach lists at
Fre Mai 28 08:04:38 CEST 2004

Hi Christian,

Christian Ruetgers wrote:
> Nun meint man in der Pear-Docu, der Unterstrich sei zur Unterscheidung 
> Global,Lokal bei Variablen zu verwenden.

> Wie macht Ihr das? (Solange ich nicht einfach "var private 
> meine_private_var = '';" schreiben kann)
Genauso wie Du, weil s.u.

> Was sagen die Coding-Style-RuleZ?
"Private class members (meaning class members that are intented to be 
used only from within the same class in which they are declared; PHP 
does not yet support truly-enforceable private namespaces) are preceded 
by a single underscore."
Siehe -->


   Dennis Sterzenbach

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