Re: [php] Geburtsjahrauswertung mit PHP3 unter Postgres 6.4.2
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Re: [php] Geburtsjahrauswertung mit PHP3 unter Postgres 6.4.2

Noch ein kleiner Tip, gerade auf der PostgreSQL Hackers ML gesehen:


> > prova=> select date '1901-02-29';
> > ERROR:  date_in: day must be limited to values 1 through 28 in
> > '1901-02-29'
> > prova=> select date '1902-02-29';
> > ----------
> > 1902-03-01
> Any body knows why PostgreSQL checks for date validity only
> for dates less than 1902 and greater than 2037 ?

Yes (and no :) Unix system time goes from ~1902 to ~2038, and the time
zone database included with your system can only work in that range.
So I use system routines for dates within that range and bypass those
(and do not assign time zones) outside that range.

However, I'm puzzled as to why these checks don't seem to be effective
when using dates within this range. Will look at it, and post patches.

Thanks for the report.

                    - Tom

Thomas Lockhart                         lockhart_(at)
South Pasadena, California

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