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Re: Newsgroup

Thomas Feyrer schrieb am Freitag, den 16. April 1999:
> >gibts eigentlich mittlerweile schon ne PHP-Newsgroup?
> >Das Mailaufkommen durch die Mailinglist hier is ja doch ... beträchtlich :-)

Die drei englischsprachigen PHP-Mailinglisten gibt's unter
    <URL: news:// >
auch als Read-Only-Newsgroups.
(Die Mysql-Mailingliste übrigens auch ...)

| From: Tin Le <tin_(at)>
| [...]
| I've setup a mail-to-news gateway for the various PHP3.* mailing
| lists.  At first it was for my own use, but as a few friends
| mentioned how useful it was for them, I posted an announcement about
| it on the PHP3 groups and people there like it.
| I am now announcing a similar service for the MySQL lists.  This is
| a one way only mail-to-news gateway.  The newsgroups are _LOCAL_ on
| my news server only and do not propagate anywhere on the net.  It is
| a good way to keep up with the lists without having your mail box
| overflowed.  You also get various features such as threaded
| messages, etc. that comes with modern newsreaders.  You can NOT post
| to these groups, however, you can reply to the author of each
| individual message, and of course you can also send to the mysql
| lists.  With the PHP3 lists, only members can post to it.  I assumed
| (I hope!) that the same applies to MySQL lists.  That helps keep
| spams down.
| My news server is available at
| news://
| Tin Le

Evtl. könnte man den Betreiber dieses mailgefütterten Newsservers auch
bitten, die deutschsprachigen Mailinglisten zu PHP und Mysql als neue
Gruppen mit aufzunehmen.

Wäre das im Sinne dieser Mailingliste?

Martin Ramsch <m.ramsch_(at)> <URL: >
PGP: 0xE8EF4F75, 52 44 5E F3 B0 B1 38 26  E4 EC 80 58 7B 31 3A D7

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