[php] phpeditor bestehend aus scite+php4.3.9+manual+erweiterung

[php] phpeditor bestehend aus scite+php4.3.9+manual+erweiterung

mhe mhe at
Don Okt 28 17:23:53 CEST 2004

hallo liste,

	hab mal nen setup package fertig gemacht, nen aktuelles scite und php,
	komplett so lauffaehig, ohne das es irgendwas im system veraendert,

	weil hatte mir mal wieder ne neue idee angeguckt, maguma workbench,
	und alles nur klicki bunti und bla und blub, und so richtig auch nicht mehr und hach,

	download link, 13 MByte

	naja, wen es interessiert, ich bin halt zufrieden damit,
	und debugging, pft, das macht man eh selbst,

gruss mathias

ps. sorry fuer englisch ab hier, habs fuer nen kumpel in brasilien zusammengeschrieben, bin halt faul,

phpScite - complete package of editor+interpreter+manuel

key features
* free, no costs
* one package, easy setup, ready to run!
* latest versions,
* clean interface
* k.i.s.s.

missing features
* debugging
* class browsing
* file projects
use the "session" feature of scite
* scm integration, like cvs/perforce
use your prefered client
* remote files support
use netdrive, vfs or something else

global features
* latest scite editor, version 1.61
* integrated php engine, version 4.3.9
* includes extended php manual, just press F1
* extended autocomplete
* win32 setup, with uninstall, doesnt touch existing installations

php related features
* integrated interpreter, version 4.3.9
* latest help file, with user comments
* press F1 to jump direct to documentation
* press F5 to run your code with the cli version
* press F7 to to check your code for syntax
* use F4 to jump to between the errors, also across files!

editor features
* code folding
* auto complete xml tags
typing "<xml>" will generate "<xml></xml>"
* auto complete namespace + php functions, knows about 3000 functions
type "ar"
press ctrl+space
select your function
type "("
help appears "func_name(*params) return // desc"
* auto comment
select your code or line,
press ctrl+q > toggles comments
select your code or line,
press ctrl+shift+q, block comment
* fast double a line
press ctrl+d, to double a line
* bookmark
press ctrl+F2 for bookmark
use F2 to jump between bookmarks

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