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[php] php5

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On Wednesday 02 February 2005 10:53, Michael Borchers wrote:
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> >Von: Michael Borchers
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Hm, das ist deutsch...

> >uhh,
> >just updated our server to php5
> >and right from the start a lot of the functionson my phorum stopped
> > working because they were supposed to be declared before f.e.

das ist English

> >Fatal error: Cannot redeclare undo_htmlspecialchars() (previously declared
> > in /home/httpd/docs/.../common.php:90) in /home/httpd/docs/.../common.php
> > on line 98

das ist Englisch von PHP

> >is that one typical php5 probs, functions though they were definitely NOT
> > declared before seem to get lost?
> has it got to do with this?

wieder Englisch...

> //
> If there are functions defined in the included file, they can be used in
> the main file independent if they are before return() <function.return.php>
> or after. If the file is included twice, PHP 5 issues fatal error because
> functions were already declared, while PHP 4 doesn't complain about it. It
> is recommended to use include_once() <function.include-once.php> instead of
> checking if the file was already included and conditionally return inside
> the included file. include_once() <function.include-once.php> and
> require_once() <function.require-once.php> first normalize the path of
> included file on Windows so that including A.php and a.php include the file
> just once.
> //

Zitat aus dem englischen Handbuch

> should include no longer be used, just include_once?

wieder englisch.

Nur zur Erinnerung: Dies ist bisher eine deutsche Liste.

Aber zum Thema: ja, include_once bzw. require_once ist Dein Freund.


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