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Hi Michael,

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hat "Michael Borchers" <borchers at> geschrieben:
> If there are functions defined in the included file, they can be used in the main file independent if they are before return() <function.return.php> or after. If the file is included twice, PHP 5 issues fatal error because functions were already declared, while PHP 4 doesn't complain about it. It is recommended to use include_once() <function.include-once.php> instead of checking if the file was already included and conditionally return inside the included file. 
> include_once() <function.include-once.php> and require_once() <function.require-once.php> first normalize the path of included file on Windows so that including A.php and a.php include the file just once. 

Hast du nach der zweiten Mail immer noch nicht gemerkt, daß du irgendwie auf der falschen Liste bist?

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