[php] Re: [PHP3] ErrorDocument 404 und Microsoft

[php] Re: [PHP3] ErrorDocument 404 und Microsoft

Thomas Froehlich thomas_(at)
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 16:40:15 +0100

Hi Cliff,

> I dont understand a word of German, so I used to
> translate for me.

;-) Sorry for my german posting into the english speaking mailing list. I
forget to update my adress book :-(

>Basically, Internet Explorer will show it's own "friendly" error messages
>instead of the one supplied by the server, unless the user has turned these
>off in the Internet Explorer options.  However, Internet Explorer will show
>your error page if it is over 64k in size, so to ensure that a user sees
>your error page, fill it with useless text if needs be, but make sure it is
>over 64k.
>I cannot guarantee that 64k is the correct figure, maybe someone else on
>list could clarify that?

I filled the costumized error page with more HTML-Code and now it works
great! Thx for your help.



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