php3 fread problems/workaround
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php3 fread problems/workaround

For all of you, who listened to my question and would like to hear
about my work around:

I had trouble reading files, but include or require worked out
fine.  Supposedly, something was wrong with the rights to this
file.  We couldn't figure out what it was, though.

Still I don't know, but I don't care either, because I know what to
do so that everything will work out fine.

I work with a ftpVoyager for more than a year, and in fact I like
this program very much.  I'm happy to hear that others think the
same way, because this program gets wide recognition these days.

I have problems with files I put into directories which I create
manually using ftpVoyager.  I hit accidentally upon this hint when I
found out that I could open files without problems residing in
directories created automatically by dropping my local directories
into the host pane.

Actually, is easier to proceed by drag-and-drop, and as I know now
how to avoid problems, this is no longer a problem for me.  Thank
you all for listening to me.

Mit freundlichem Gruss
Werner Stuerenburg

ISIS  Gesellschaft fuer Softwareentwicklung und -vertrieb mbH
Webdesign - Uhlandstr. 8  -  D-32120 Hiddenhausen  -  Germany
Tel. 0(049)5224-9974-07, Fax-09,  <mailto:ws_(at)>
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