Re: [php] Noch einmal: Bitte an die Experten
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Re: [php] Noch einmal: Bitte an die Experten

Hallo Egon,

> Jetzt bist Du aber etwas reingefallen.
> New Functionality in Zend:
> include() and eval() are now functions, and not statements. That means
> they return a value. The default return value from include() and eval() is
> 1, so that you can do if (include()) without further coding. The return
> value may be changed by returning a value from the global scope of the
> included file or the evaluated string. For example, if 'return 7;' is
> executed in the global scope of, include("") would evaluate
> to 7. 

Ähh, ja - den Abschnitt hatte ich im Hinterkopf.
Und wo bin ich da jetzt "reingefallen"?

(leicht verwirrt)

Quote of the month:
"The parade that´s electrical, it serves no real purpose
 Takes up a lot of juice, just to impress us."
	(No Doubt, "Tragic Kingdom")

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